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"Self portrait" -Self portrait enables  the artist a dialogue with himself in which he is able to enter his self – consciousness. In addition this dialogue enables him to observe his surroundings and to interpret them.

He stands between two worlds. The first is a world in which the artist reveals the way that he sees himself. The other one is a world in which the artist reveals the way he sees how other people see him.

"Self portrait" – Is an art catalogue that contains articles about the artists process in his journey of self search. Is he trying to copy his reflection in the mirror?  

Or his self portrait is an expression of much more complex mental processes?

It seems that there is a connection between psychoanalysis and the creation of the self portrait. 

This catalogue shows the connection between artists' portraits from the 15th century till present day, to a group of theories about the self-search.

The catalogue is divided to 4 chapters: The mirror insanity, 

The ideal is the reality, The Urge – Eros and Ethanus, 

Insanity and Genius.

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Guidance: Hagit Antebi