Dr. Eli is An allergy diagnosis kit - The process of diagnosing allergies among children is an unpleasant and even traumatic process that requiring visiting the Allergog and patience. Dr. Eli is An allergy diagnosis kit for parents of children aged between 3.5-5 years . This kit helps them check if their child is allergic to a particular type of food. The kit includes: RF stickers with a concentrated  food ingredient that can cause an allergic reaction; an iInteractive interface for the parents and child and a digital bracelet for the child. After purchasing the Dr. Eli allergy diagnosis kit, the child wears the digital bracelet.

The parents can  download the interface to their phone or tablet, and begin the interactivity. At the end of each stage of the game the parents are asked to paste the relevant patch on the child's forearm. At any time throughout the activity,

the 101 button, which appears on the interface, can be pressed to  receive medical consultation. At the end of the activity, a medical profile is constructed that allows tracking the allergy during the child’s interaction  with other people, such as the preschool teacher or the baby sitter.

Design for interaction, course
Guidance: Zachi Diner and Michal Reicher