UPDATE - At the Age of Big Data, The Algorithms are the new gods. We’ve invited these Algorithms into our lives and they’re making tiny decisions on our behalf that are subtly shifting the way our society is operating.

My creation process: 

The Ugly Dwarf - A short animated film inspired by an ancient Chinese creation story. The dwarf Pan Go is a mythical creature who created the world from chaos. Pan-Go separated the sky and earth, and parts of his body created the world. This myth story was first written in the third century



Classic animation - a frame by frame animation

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 14.57.52.png


little Nightmares trailer

As part of course Design and directing a trailer for games, 

i was asked to choose a game and create a trailer for it

“little nightmares” got my attention.  This enigmatic game inspired me a lot by its well designed frames. Due to I chose to tell the story of Six the main character in the game. This work is my  Interpretation of

the game .


Briefly about the game: 

Little Nightmares is a puzzle-platformer horror adventure game developed by Tarsier Studios.

A hungry little girl (whose name is Six) is trapped in the Maw –

a mysterious vessel catering to the whims of sick and powerful creatures. After waking up in the lower depths of the Maw, Six decides to escape the harsh confines, having regular moments of excruciating, primal-like hunger.


My creation process: 


Mood board

Style frames and  design strategy 

At my game research I recognized a recurring “motif” of broken objects. From this point I developed a mood board to future style frames.



Classic animation - a frame by frame animation


Direction and creation of a trailer, course
Guidance: Rotem Nahlieli